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As a result of continuous growth and the consequence need to improve our business outputs ....

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Welcome to Winelight Analytical Systems Ltd.

Winelight Analytical Systems Ltd was incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matter Act 1990 with RC No: 229 847 as a Limited Liability Company on the 23rd of August, 1993. We are located at No 3 Adebayo Mokuolu, by Hotel Newcastle, Anthony Village, Lagos.

Core Business: Sales, installations, Training & Commissioning, repairs, maintenance and allied services of Laboratory, Process, Analytical & Measurement equipment such as:
• Spectrophotometers             • Density & Concentration Meters
• Chromatographs                     • Water Quality
• Electrochemistry                     • Weighing
• Petroleum testing                   • Polarimeters
• Project Consultancy               • Refractometers
• Laboratory Automatics        • Nano/Particle Analysers
• Viscosity                                     • Amino Acid Analysers
• Beverage Analyser

Our Partners:
1. Anton Paar - Austria
2. Hach - USA
3. Thermo – USA/Austria
4. Eraly - France
5. Grant - UK
6. Sykam - Germany
7. Grabner Instruments - Vienna, Austria
8. Dickey John - USA/France

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Winelight at a glance

Who We Are

Winelight Analytical Systems Ltd was incorporated on August 23, 1993 RRC: 229.847 to carry out the business of Laboratory equipment, sales, installations, repairs and maintenance. The establishment of Winelight Analytical Systems Ltd came as a result of ...

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What We do

Our Service team is tasked with the mission to deliver high quality sales, installations, repairs and maintenance services to our customers in Nigeria and other African countries such as; Republic of Benin, Cameroon, Sierra-Leone, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Republic of Malawi, Ethiopia and Republique Rwandaise.

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Our Products

Winelight Analytical Systems is the leading supplier of Analytical Equipment in Nigeria and West Africa. You will find products from major Analytical Systems manufacturers from around the world on this website. You will be able to make enquiries about prices, availability, orders and request for pre-sale/after sale support.

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Our Partners